Sunday, March 6, 2011

Under Eye Concealer

Finding the right under eye concealer is a huge challenge for brown skin.  Those dark circles, for some of us, can be several shades darker than the rest of the skin.  Most concealers leave that area looking ashy or way too light.  I know that a lot of makeup artists recommend using a pink/salmon color corrector underneath concealer to cancel out the blue under the eyes, but speaking for myself that area is dark brown rather than bluish so most correctors leave an unwanted orange/ashy hue.  Or it may look good in the mirror but in pictures it looks way too heavy and white under the eyes.  What has worked for you?  I'm on the hunt for the best under eye concealer!


  1. I do get dark circles but maybe might aren't as dark because I haven't really run into this issue yet. I have use MAC's studio finish concealer (the original one in the little pot)for many years and have really liked it. I just recently started using MAC's pro longwear concealer...which so far ive been really liking so far. Only difference is it takes longer to apply since its more liquidy.But both concealers have been in the same color- NW(with pink undertones). What concealers have you tried so far? What has been a hit and whats a total miss??

  2. Concealers are a bit of my never-ending-battle. I love the under-eye concealers I have, however one for blemishes or redness on my face....argh!

    Bobbi Brown's Corrector and Concealer are amazing for me; but I honestly RARELY use both at the same time. It provides 'too much' coverage for me. Not sure about you ladies, but I like some of my imperfections =). I use Dark Peach (Corrector) and Honey (Concealer), and I'm a NC42 in Mac Foundations.

    I also have noticed that if the undereye concealer is set with a powder that has any sort of SPF in it, it will cast in pictures. I actually like to set it with a powder that I would use for the rest of my face, something sheer but with slight color so it can help make sure the area doesn't look ashy. I hate ashy; ashy is NOT hot! I also agree, I don't really have too much blue going on, more just darkness. An interesting product I've heard works (yet to try myself) is the Orange concealer from MAC Pro. It sounds weird, but I've seen it on a few different people and it works!

    Also, if you're looking for general coverage, try a yellow based one. I know it's 'taboo' to use yellow based under the eye area, but it works well for me. Also, I've learned that eye cream is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Not necessarily one that is expensive, but more so one that is going to moisturize and absorb, not just sit on the top of the skin. Most young women don't realize that most eye creams are geared towards women that feel they are 'aging', and they have fillers in them to make wrinkles appear less. If you're young, it ends up contributing to it looking cakey and not blended in.

    What about suggestions for blemish-concealers? I used to have one by Bobbi Brown, but of course since I liked it the product got discontinued! Argh!

  3. I completely agree that it is an incredibly challenge to find the right under eye concealer for all the reasons listed above. I also think a lot of times people apply too much and that makes it much more noticeable. In my search I came across Laura Mercier 3 Secret Concealer. The color works perfectly for my skin, but there are two important pieces to note:
    1. Apply with a brush or sponge wedges only for even blending
    2. Apply a SMALL amount

  4. This is a very important point in is essential to buy a concealer that really matches the skin tone very well.The color of the eyes and the under eyes differ from skin to skin.

  5. Hey ladies! Do you have any recommendations for drugstore concealers?

  6. heyy :) i need help finding a good concealer to mask my under eye circles. iv tried a few such as illamasqua and rimmel but they dry up under my eyes instantly. am i doing something wrong? iv been looking for the perfect high end concealer and im torn between benefit erase paste, bobbi brown corrector and mac prolongwear concealer. help pleaseee x

    1. You may want to try Mac moisture cover concealer or prolong wear if you want more coverage ... The bobby brown one is good but you may find it a bit dry ... Have fun :)